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Important Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Package Delivery Service

Couriers all claim to secure your deliveries and make them all on time and intact. Each Fort Collins package delivery service will go out of its way to reassure you, but unfortunately, you won’t know what kind of service you can expect until you start making payments. However, there are several questions you can ask of your delivery service to cut through the guarantees and sales talk and find out what you can expect from a prospective courier company.

Package and document delivery can mean the success or failure of your business endeavors. The ability to ensure that your materials make it to their destination with same day delivery gives your business an advantage. Getting documents and other materials to where they need to go on time is crucial to most businesses, so don’t waste money on poor customer service and ineffective delivery efforts.

What to Ask a Fort Collins Package Delivery Service

  • How long have you been a delivery service?

Obviously, here you’re after experience. Learning how long the delivery service has been in operation is a great way to start. Right away you can determine about how many customers in the past have relied on this service for their time-sensitive and delicate deliveries. You can also use this question as a jumping-off point for learning more about their reputation. A follow-up question to this could be ‘which local companies have you worked with?’ If you’re still unsure about a courier company, you can ask the companies they’ve worked with in the past.

  • What if I have further questions or concerns?

You don’t have to lay out an elaborate hypothetical situation to find out what the customer service and troubleshooting procedure is. Simply ask what would happen if you have concerns before, during, or after delivery. What you’re looking for here is multiple ways to reach customer service representatives. If you ever have a question or concern, you need to know you can reach someone exactly when you need to.

  • What training programs do your drivers need to complete?

It’s fair to assume that all couriers had to be trained in some way or another, so why does this question matter? Knowing your would-be couriers are safe, trained, and specialized drivers is an added bonus. More importantly, depending on what kinds of documents and other materials you need delivered, your couriers might need to have additional certification. For example, if you need medical documents delivered, your courier will need to at least be familiar with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. Learn more about HIPAA compliance here.

  • What technology do you use to track deliveries and fulfill orders?

Again, what you’re getting at here is not ‘does the delivery service use technology to fulfill orders and track deliveries,’ but what technology they use and how they use it. Do they track packages but make it difficult to pay for same day delivery online? In addition to asking about technology, it’s a good idea to test their online systems and technological bells and whistles as much as you can before paying. If you truly want to go above and beyond, research some of the common software and systems couriers use to track packages and process payments and see which of these the courier uses.

  • What different delivery options do you offer?

This is a very practical question that gets to the bottom of their delivery policies and forces them to be honest about limitations and restrictions to their services. For example, does the courier company offer same day delivery only before a certain time? Do they offer premium delivery options on the weekends? Evenings? Typically, courier companies will be willing to work with you and come back with a question of their own: what will you need our delivery services for? If you have special circumstances, see if the company can handle them.

Make the Right Choice

Hiring the right Fort Collins package delivery service can be like maneuvering a maze of different companies offering different deals and services to you all at once. Sifting through these options can be difficult, but if you know what to ask, you’ll find the best possible delivery company to hire for your needs. Start your search with NoCo Transporter, a reliable and flexible delivery service you can rely on. Contact us today by calling 970-217-0619 to learn more about our services.








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