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Commonly Believed Myths About Courier Services

The Need for Some Myth Busting

As a Fort Collins courier service, we have to deal with our share of misconceptions would-be customers have concerning our industry. Some people perhaps don’t value a courier’s services as they should, don’t want to switch to a new, more cost-effective service, or who don’t fully understand everything a courier service can do for them. Couriers can help many types of businesses that don’t always see how their processes can be improved. Couriers save time and expenses and ensure that all materials and products get to where they need to go on time, every time.

If you’re thinking of using a courier service in Fort Collins or elsewhere, here are some common misconceptions you may have that are holding you back. Let’s get to the facts and dispel some common myths about courier and delivery services, particularly in Northern Colorado.

Don’t Hinder the Potential of Your Business

Don’t let these common myths stop you from realizing your business’s full potential with a Fort Collins courier service.

1. Courier Services Are No Better Than the Postal Service

This is a common myth, and, to be clear, most business owners know the difference between using the standard postal service to deliver products or other important materials and using a courier service. The issue is that many business leaders don’t think the extra cost of using a courier service is worth it over the postal service. Ordinary mail services can be used to send almost anything, and the costs are reasonable, but courier services guarantee faster delivery times, better security, better package protection, and customized services. For example, if you need a last-minute, expedited delivery, it’s possible to arrange that with a courier service. If you turn to the Post Office trying to deliver a package somewhere in another city same-day, you’d be out of luck.

2. All Courier Services Are the Same

Many business leaders believe the only real difference between one courier service and another is the price. Sure, many courier services promise the same things: security, package tracking, fast delivery, etc. But no two courier services are created equal.

One huge difference between many courier services is their ability to deliver packages within a large area. If you need something delivered in the next town over, most courier services will promise they can do it, but if they don’t have the network or the infrastructure to make that happen, they won’t live up to your standards. The number of couriers available to handle deliveries, the professionalism of those couriers, along with the technological advantages a courier service can offer all make a big difference. The resources a courier service has available to deliver your materials quickly, even to far-off locations, are what separates one from another.

3. Making Deliveries Myself Will Save Money

Sure, making an occasional delivery now and then isn’t that difficult. But when you have to make deliveries regularly, you start to lose time and money. Having your employees deliver materials and products for you simply transfers your wasted time to them.

In the long-run, when you factor in time wasted waiting in traffic and finding the correct locations to deliver your materials, the possibility of damaging your materials with inadequate protection equipment, and the gas expenses coming out of your pocket, it’s more cost-effective to hire a courier service to handle all of your deliveries. Courier services have trained drivers who know the best routes to each location, they have the proper equipment to protect your packages and materials, and they fold their expenses into one fee.

4. A Fleet of Drivers Is Just as Good as a Delivery Service

If your business already involves sending employees to different locations in an area to do their work or make deliveries, you don’t need a courier service, right? That is likely not the case. Again, you’re running into the problem of using your employees’ time in an unproductive way. For example, if your HVAC repair experts also have to deliver important documents on their way to their next jobs, that could affect your customer service ratings when your repairmen show up late, and there’s no guarantee the documents made it where they’re supposed to go. After all, unless you run a courier service, your employees aren’t professional couriers. You may find everything runs more smoothly when your employees don’t have to carry the weight of deliveries on top of their other tasks.

If we’ve successfully dispelled those commonly believed myths in your mind and you are interested in learning more about how a courier service could benefit your business, contact NoCo Transporter today.








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